Special Entry For Bride and Groom

It’s your wedding day and you’re looking fresh and we know you’re going to steal the spotlight. A wedding is a time for celebration and joy. It is the starting of a new chapter of two individuals who are now destined to live their lives together. If you are planning to do Swag Se Swagat for your loved ones at your wedding, then we offer some unique and romantic wedding entry ideas for you.

Bride and Groom entry is the moment for which everyone is waiting. We use our creativity to make sure everyone, not just notices the bride and groom but remembers their entry. For this, we put some amazing ideas to test that can make the entry bit super fun and super awesome.

We provide various types of special entries like Silver Deer Entry, Roman Buggy, Royal Buggy, Sinhasan Entry, and much more. There are also possibilities of adding customized entry concepts for a ring ceremony and doli with some special themes like Jodha theme, Padmavati theme, flower chadar, a revolving stage, and balloon blast effect.

Silver Deer Entry

Roman Buggy

Royal Buggy

Grand Buggy

Cinderella Open Buggy

Cinderella Entry

Bahubali Entry

Sinhasan Entry

Heart Shape Entry

Rajvadi Auto

White Tricycle Entry

Pink Tricycle Entry

Love Bird Cycle

Scooter with Sidecar

3 Wheel Bike

Vintage Car

Ring Ceremony

Golden Doli Entry

Blue Queen Doli

Peacock Doli

Bridal Dome Entry

Flower Doli

Jodha Theme

Padmavati Theme

Flower Chadaar

Rajvadi Umbrella

Revolving Stage

Smoke Pot Entry

Balloon Blast Effect