Event Planner

Corporate Event Planner

Ensuring a Complete Corporate Event Management

Corporate events are an essential part of a business and organizing regular events like Conferences, Seminars, Annual Award functions, Team Building activities etc is necessary to fill your employees and guests with excitement and enthusiasm.

We at ARTCORE are one of the top event management companies in India. Originally based in Ahmedabad, we help businesses and enterprises to arrange an ultimate get together with our various corporate event management services.

While doing this, we ensure all assistance to companies, and businesses including technical assistance, theme selection, sound system management, and all essentials required to make any event a success.

Conference & Seminars

We at ARTCORE manage all company event management programs especially Conferences and Seminars. You can expect all conference management from our team of event organizers.

Product Launch

Our event management corporate planners assist businesses in organizing product launch events successfully. From planning to execution, we ensure everything we do is targeted to your end goal.


An exhibition is the one way to highlight the ideas/sculptor/selection of Items/art piece or other products. Every exhibition has its unique proposition & theme, based on the concept of the exhibition. Indoor exhibition, Outdoor exhibition, Theme Pavilion, Dome exhibition. Aa a corporate event planner we help you.

Dealer Meet

Our corporate event organisers assist you to hold Dealer meetings and other business meetings that require proper setup, right from booking a relevant place, to doing felicitation, etc.

Award Ceremony

Organize an Award Ceremony for your company or workplace to boost the morale of your employees. It's a great way to motivate the emerging leaders in your organization.

Promotional Activities

We help you to conduct promotional activities that can help your business to reach new heights. Some general promotional activities we do include video launch, video promotion and editing, and other marketing and sales activities.

Motivation Programs

Motivational Programs are vital for keeping the mental balance in an individual in this fast-paced world. Being one of the leading corporate event planning companies, we help you conduct motivational events and programs.

Team Building

Businesses and Enterprises must hold team building events to inculcate feelings of team spirit in individuals at the workplace. Most Corporate event management companies including us observed positive results in companies output from team-building events.