Decor Atelier

Event Decoration with our Decor Atelier Services

ARTCORE brings you decoration services that take care of all your event requirements be it stall design, stage work, or any other needs. We have been working for many years in Ahmedabad and have grown from strength to strength, evolving with the times and growing with the clients’ expectations, in quality and professionalism.

After gaining lots of experience, we love to mix colors and our creativity to transform your living area, office, workshop, studio, on a permanent basis as well as enable decoration for various events. ARTCORE specialties are 3D Event Modeling, Stage Layout, Stall Design, Decoration, Woodcraft work, Backdrop Frames, and Fabrication Works.

3D Event Modeling

ARTCORE creates interactive floor plans and 3D images to visualize space to increase communication and sales. Highlight your property with outstanding features. We think beyond what has already been in your property and demonstrate different layouts and decor.

Stage Layout

For a grand event, the stage layout performs a vital role. Stage layout means how the different people should be on your stage. We choose a suitable style and stage layout for you according to the purpose of your work and the target audience.

Stall Design

If you are searching for a creative stall design that attracts most of the people then we are there to do it for you. Our large team of professional stall designers brings in their best exhibition stall design ideas for your show.


The success of any event largely depends on the decoration. If your place is decorated well then it will definitely impress your near and dear ones or your business associates. It can be a difficult and time taking task but with ARTCORE experience it can be done in a fascinating way in no time.

Woodcraft Work

Need woodcraft work for your next event? ARTCORE will provide you suitable woodcraft services that can add charm to your events. You can choose any design or theme and we will do it for you.

Backdrop Frames

Keep your photo backdrop style impressive throughout your party or event with our frame ideas. You can place these frames anywhere like behind the cake table for an eye-catching decoration.

Fabrication Work

Fabrication means to make something from scratch rather than to assemble something. We Choose a fabrication method that suits your event needs.

Balloon Decoration

Balloons are the most inexpensive yet simple decoration for any anniversary, party, reunion, weddings, baby shower, or holiday celebrations. ARTCORE will help you decide what balloon decorations are perfect for your special event.

Theme Decoration

Surprise your loved one with a creative theme decoration. We have Professional decorators for both private parties and corporate parties to make a fascinating theme for your party