Send Invitations with Creative Methods

An invitation card is necessary for inviting guests to special events such as birthdays, baby showers, reunion parties, wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, etc. We at ARTCORE design extensive range of online invitation cards which will be impossible to decline and you’ll be starting your event off on the right note.

You’ll find a variety of options in different styles and designs, and we will guide you to customize or create your own invitation through the simple process within no time. Celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, a cocktail party, or a business event, we are there to make it a successful event.

Digital Invitation

As we live in a digital world, invitation cards have to be digitised as well. We provide many new interactive designs on cards including high-quality images, graphics, and video messages.

Save Date Creative

After deciding the date and booking a venue for any event, the next step is to send out your Save the Date Creative letter. This can be done by simple text message but at ARTCORE we make it more creative by either posting straight out or using emails.

Social Media Promotion

We offer various online management services which you can leverage for your complete DIY invitation list to Facebook, Instagram, email, and WhatsApp. You can check the individual response of the guests by the options “Attending” and “Maybe”.

Printed Invitation Card

Many events may still require a traditional paper approach, everything from corporate events, holiday parties, anniversaries, class reunions, birthday parties, and weddings. ARTCORE is the best event management company that provides best-printed invitation card formats.

Customised Card

We offer many invitation cards design themes to get rid of the monotonous invitation cards. We hold expertise in creating your own card or customizing the card with the help of our experts.

Theme Based Card

For a theme-based party definitely, you need a theme-based card. We have an enormous number of options to choose for the digital theme party invitation card for your event like decade themes (the 70s, 80s, 90s pick a favorite), kids' birthday themes, seasonal themes.

Invitation with Gifts

Sending an invitation without gifts is out of fashion. The traditional box of sweets is still a better option, but there is a lot more to experiment with to make them more creative. We are here to share those ideas to make your event successful.