Kids Zone

Bringing Joy Through Our Kids Zone

Kids Zone is a place that is full of liveliness, lots of activities, food, games, and amusement events. Kids are always eager to go out and have some fun be it theme parks or adventurous places.

With this children can learn more about developing their skills and interests. Being a child or a young person isn’t always easy. You constantly learn new skills independently, learning new subjects in school, and many more all of which can bring challenges. We are on a mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children.

We design kids zone according to the taste of children like Jumping Castle, Trampoline, Bungee Jumping, Bull Riding, Toddlers Zone, Slider, Swings, Toy Train, Toddler Tunnel, Battery Car, Ball Pool, DIY for Creative Kids, Balloon Modelling, Balloon Shooting etc.

Some others include Laser Tunnel, Basketball Game, Zorbing Ball, Video Games, Hammer, Boxing Punch, Angry Bird, Archery, Air Hockey, Soccer Table, Bowling Alley, Car Racing, Feed The Joker, Ring Toss, Jenga Game, Cricket Setup, Football Dart, Buzzer Game, Pin The Tail, Hopscotch Ring, Tic Tac Toe, Ludo, Chess, Snakes & Ladders, and Trash Ball.

ARTCORE helps you in setting a KIDS Zone that is designed by our experts for children to provide them with a wide range of learning activities in the most entertaining and fascinating way.

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Jumping Castle


Bungee Jumping

Bull Riding

Toddlers Zone



Toy Train

Toddler Tunnel

Battery Car

Ball Pool

DIY for Creative Kids

Balloon Modelling

Balloon Shooting

Laser Tunnel

Basketball Game

Zorbing Ball

Connect 4

Carnival Games

Wheel of Fortune

Horse Riding

Video Games


Boxing Punch

Angry Bird


Air Hockey

Soccer Table

Bowling Alley

Car Racing

Feed The Joker

Ring Toss

Jenga Game

Cricket Setup

Football Dart

Buzzer Game

Pin The Tail

Hopscotch Ring

Tic Tac Toe



Snakes & Ladders

Trash Ball