Special Effects

Special Effects For Events

Consider adding special effects to your event to make it look standout. ARTCORE is a service production company specialized in a large array of special effects with years of experience and tradition of excellence in the production industry. We use the latest technology that allows us to analyze every possible approach to any given effect. We provide you a variety of creative and stunning special effects solutions for your event. Whether it is a concert, corporate meeting, or a wedding event.

Special effects are a great way to set the mood of your guests. Whether you want an emotional impact or jump in excitement, effects we use stay in your memory forever. We provide the most professional and unique effect in the event industry.

Some popular effects we employ include pyrotechnics, firework, confetti blast, Co2 effect, smoke effect, bubble effect, foam effect, flower shower, rain setup, and artificial snow.

In all our special effects we ensure your guests not only have a wonderful experience but also stay safe during the event. We employ the best safety standards when using special effects to make sure nothing goes wrong and your guests enjoy the occasion with various lighting and entry effects.


Fire Work

Confetti Blast

Co2 Effect

Smoke Effect

Bubble Effect

Foam Effect

Flower Shower

Rain Setup

Artificial Snow

Walkie Talkie

Fire Safety